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like me you're not lucky enough to have your own dacha little countryside aren't on isn't too hard to find. around two hundred kilometers from st petersburg there's a holiday village that promises beautiful old houses a warm river and a complete break from city life it's called mundra and it's supposed to be a place to turn back time and leave the warnings of the twenty first century behind . it turns out that trying to live the simple life isn't always quite as simple as it seems. hello to. you going to mundra game. you can get
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a lift with the hope on. when you're heading deep into a forest a taxi can only take you so far you need a different kind of horsepower around these parts. but also to be is always too late it is possible and as my ferry pulled up onto the riverbank i had my first glimpse of my holiday home it could have come straight from a time capsule both outside and in. once i dropped off my bags it was time to some explore.
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ok. and be carrying two moves the phone skids. this i didn't notice like. an old school chinese can't. pronounce. this i have absolutely no idea whatsoever the kind of old tommy had rushed. into as. i see one of these before an old. grind it all bloody that all types of serious effort to it this little boy said it doesn't go to the supermarket although.
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nothing like a functional nineteenth century both of them. well i wanted to get away from it all and it doesn't really get much more rustic than this it's my every holiday that you get your very own head off to tidy up. just in case it sure. is somewhere comfy. and. nice.
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right between lake bladder and lake on monday is an authentic blast from the past an attempt to recreate the last time and preserve an ancient way of life. rebuilt in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. it's wooden buildings a rule original pieces of northern. that have been brought here from the all congolese region and reconstructed piece by piece now the village has almost two hundred visitors a day from all over the world. back at home it was time for me to start my holiday properly. the first things first of course. so with
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fresh. yes. tokyo. meant grabbing a couple of buckets and heading out signs no luxurious running water for me. they tell me it's clean apparently it's pretty.
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handy stuff. but. now that i had my water i needed to boil it up. see if it's going to find. this home. everything seemed to be going so well. until we have one small problem. and. it's now clean water. and i happen to be living in a massive pile of kindling. i think maybe time when there's some help.
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i decided that burning my house down was probably not the best way to india myself to the locals so i headed into town to meet one of them and find out a little bit more about the mundra the way of life. hello james where are we going well this is our old village and very happy to see you here all of our houses were built in the nineteenth century. they were brought here from the. regions i live and work here in these very houses. i have my own weaving workroom and. a lot of people come to visit all the time and they can stay here for a while and rent a house take part in some handicraft masterclasses it's really interesting you can also try it.
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there are almost a hundred permanent residents in the village and many of them are artisans and craftsmen. a new pair of shoes or some homemade kitchen crockery is just a monster class away. of course many people come here just to enjoy the spectacular scenery and there's no better way to do that than on horseback. come on come on use your voice even. he doesn't get it don't let him drop his head. back harder like that let's go buddy my guides might only be fourteen but he's an expert horseman and he spent every summer he can remember here in the village. the horse is a unique animal it has its own personality its own special traits. my love you it might hate you it all depends on how you treat. b.d.
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and we friends now i'm not sure about that he doesn't care actually he's so lazy he only thinks about getting back home as soon as possible to eat something. couldn't have a more perfect western style of setting. the wilderness the horses and bit jealous though the dean's got the only stats and. maybe next time i go eagle. back in the village i was keen to do some more exploring and even though only attractions in mundra be a popular there's one place that gets a few more visitors than all the others. i'm not surprised it seems the first few dozen bottles here seem to have a hunting theme and. of course what could be more russian and some brown
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vulcan this is mandra gay's vodka museum supposedly one of the largest collections in russia with concoctions from every corner of the land. if you like a tipple there are all the sizes shapes and flavors you could wish for. well apparently there are three thousand and forty one different types of vodka in this museum so i think it would be grossly irresponsible if i didn't try at least one or two. but be warned with this much vodka and also you might get more than you bargained for to show another one. ok. to shoot to get.
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something straight because come on. what are you then so are we going. straight ahead. with a. little. i'm
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sure i read somewhere that this chap is a very good guide sort of take me further down the rabbit hole bunny. of. what you
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just. heard. the fur it. come. and. see if. economic ups and downs in the final months days belong to the deal sang i and the rest because i think the taking will be everything on me.
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dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. the faces change the world writes never. the old picture of todays new long form demands from around the globe. look to. the. listen lead. one of the new will show marlon a life sentence commute all the face the same time peter limone name. lenny.
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pleasure to have you with us here on our team today i roll researcher. lead it was a terrible day and led very hard to take on a ledge again along here a plug that has sex with that there's no let's let's have a little. limitless. leg. length.
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let's say. legs. simply that simple record to push those come in please. everyone sit down. soup at the everything's ready now. it had been a rough start but my experiment with nineteenth century life was back on track and got the stuff going i had fresh water but even managed to whip up a little dinner party for my mundra good friends finally everything was falling into place. but i did have some help on the way.
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my first day in the village had not gone well and i remembered having a very strange dream bus to my surprise so i also had a new pair of slippers and there was some water in the kitchen. and just don't try to freshen up i heard a knock at the door the cavalry had arrived. james are you alive. how are you fine but maybe you can use my help now yes please if you could. write that would be great come on of course i'll do all i can. james and as you can see the house is quite big there are two sections we have a living space and a housekeeping section we're now in the housekeeping section there are barns for
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cows and goats downstairs and here is the court yard called the. it's an extension of the farm building. did james bring some firewood the smaller pieces they'll burn faster sure ok just a minute. but bill let's see in my house but then he was able to explain to me exactly where i can go wrong. be careful watch your head. james before you put the firewood and you have to open up the chimney just pull this rope here if you don't then the whole house we filled with smoke. so handy hint in making your phone or open the little slate cover the blocks the chimney. it would have been useful to.
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do as much as you can we're going to need some more from the some of our. music you will hit it can be said to see. finally the stove was working without threatening to choke to death and even more importantly nelly also knew how to fire up the sound of on. a man can only go so long without a cup of tea. getting it going isn't exactly a simple process you have to dismantle it fill it with kindling and set it on fine and it's certainly the first candle i can remember that comes with its own chimney . but get it right and your water will stay warm for hours everything seems to be falling into place. piece in. thirty minutes and it will be ready. for.
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you to get the feeling that today. it seemed that advice wasn't the only thing that nellie had brought me. just coming from down here i have might see can i rustle up some milk to. well imagine well rather expect sibs but welcome guests so you have a present for me then let's see. what the hell. so
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how's this with this tale thinking about. let's. do that right now. are you sure you see rice in exchange. do you think. yeah we get a little treat for you. i
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was starting to believe it was possible to be self-sufficient in my dream and now we got the stove working it was time to make the most of it. was on the menu all the while i was missing one. ingredient. there is a fact point in this rhythm and i've seen him as we've been floating downstream. just wondering. only a little bit too far out of his territory because i'm game that. both you often. it seemed my technique was a little off if i wasn't going to go hungry i was going to have to get a professional involved. alexander has lived in mandurah b.
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for years and knows this river and its fish like the back of his hand. now we're heading straight to the sphere of river it goes from lake on a got to lake a lot. of. this river can be up to fifteen meters deep in places. this is the lower island quite often people stop there to rest most of them are fisherman this is a special weighted feeder so let's put some fish food inside it. gets. you have worms in england yeah we've got them so you guys fish using worms we have the right bait now we just needed some luck and off we put a few more worms on the hook. if you've hooked a fish it will fight back so if the tip starts to bend it's time to really not so
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much it will pick up a bit it's a young bream look at that and we've got one and then a big sized one of if you grab the right place hold it. yes almost. kind of it's a young bream. so we've got a baby here this one apparently can be two kilograms in weight but a very nice cat is a little while later i was back in the kitchen ready to get cooking and all through the whole point i wanted to get everyone together for a bit of a feast. we have a lot to do let's do it quickly here let me help you. get it it's good pot is ready so let's put in the still i have plenty of time to
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wait before everything would be ready a good chance to go and clean myself up. to get one element of absolute luxury for my nineteenth century life style my very own house. it just takes a bit of effort to fire it all up and a bar house has been part of russian tradition for literally hundreds of years and this is the famous black dahlia and as the name might suggest light is in rather short supply. and the thing is with the black if you have to shut it all up i keep it all inside . the classic northern peasant.
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is really. no soap and sponge. is a bunch of these. now normally at this point you dump a bucket of water of yourself but here in mundra. there's a far better option. that. is the perfect way to cool off. but scrubbed up and my food was almost ready it was time to let the guests in and they brought an appetite.
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among the might not be a typical holiday spot but it was just what i needed. quiet and a chance to experience how russians might have lived almost two hundred years ago. it's a little it deal in a busy world a slice of life from the nineteenth century that at least for a while can help you forget the twenty first so you see the present life can be difficult but if you make the right friends it can also be rather divisions. ok. i dave a croc it welcome you to ted you're all of virginia it's
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a little while in the middle of the chesapeake bay and of a genocide and i go back out a. ramp a year all into chesapeake bay probably one of the best there is an offensive cell fred. this is an old picture of ten year island before the channel was good for oh here. a way up there. as go all. right here are some of the headstones from the graves it for you this is a fruits that's what we don't want happen to taint your all and we want to get some protection and make sure that we don't go into the chesapeake bay like uppers did in other communities. choose your language. actually we can we know if they sell some.
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choose this is the consensus you can. choose to opinions that you think great. choose the stories but in life choose access to often. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture.
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the wild holds its breath of a possible u.s. intervention in syria as president obama calls for military action but the gods looking for approval from the congress. base as the russian president appeals to the american leader as a nobel peace prize laureate one to you over the grave consequences of a campaign against syria. and a hike of radiation of the nuclear plant to levels on eighteen times higher than previously of salt which could prove released within four hours. the latest news on the week's top stories you.


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